Guitar Studio

Teaching strategy
  Vladimir has been teaching guitar for over twenty years to beginning and advanced students of all ages.
His method of teaching is based on a highly individualized approach to each student. The main objective is to instill the love of the music, thus inspiring students to practice a lot on his own. Another method Vladimir employs is to help his students to compose their own music for guitar. This motivates students to play the music they enjoy, especially if they could not identify what kind of music they would like to play. For advanced students, Vladimir also teaches music theory.
  His students regularly participate and compete in state and county recitals. Since 2001 the following students received awards at the Maryland State Guitar Competition and at the Montgomery County Music Teachers Associations (MCMTA) Judged Recitals: Alina Rekhtman, Greg Gershkovich, Daria Gaidamakova, Julia Kolchinsky, Vahan Kristosturyan, Zachary Weinstein, Alex Katsenelenbogen, Daniel Yarmovsky, Lev Krayzman, Simon Fox, Vivian Feldblum.
  To motivate students further, Vladimir also holds recitals of his own. Every winter there is a recital dedicated to a different style of music. Previous recitals were dedicated to the music of the Beatles, melodies of American cinema, Latin American and Spanish music,Classical music in modern interpretation. There are also recitals every spring to show students' accomplishments of the school year. Vladimir makes a CD recording of the pieces his students play in the concerts.
 He brought together several talented students to play swing, bossa-nova, and different Latin-American styles and created the band "Jazz Chameleon".

students awards
Vladimir Fridman students band: Jazz Chameleon
Olga Leptoukh - bass guitar, guitar; Vahan Kristosturyan -guitar; Stephen Watson - violin;
Madeline Watson - violin; Josy Suslov -vocals; Greg Gershkovich -guitar
Aranjues - Rodrigo - 2,228 K Armando's Rumba- Cheak Corea - 1,387K
Boogie Woogie- Traditional - 446K Bei Mir Bist Du Shein - Secunda - 671K
Barcelona Nights- Libert - 1,610K Girl From Ipanema- Jobim - 733K
Olga Leptoukh - bass guitar; Peter Belkin -guitar; Eugene Kaler -violin; Greg Gershkovich -guitar
Tico-Tico - Abreu -1,988K Indian Rock - Fridman, Jazz Chameleon - 3,072K
Djangology - Reinhard, Grapelli -1,551K Deja Vu - Fridman, Jazz Chameleon - 2,570K
Dark Eyes - Rszetskaja, Grebenka - 1,247K Minor Swing - Reinhard, Grapelli - 1,035K
For guitar lessons call: (240) 631-0755. Email: with comments or questions.
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